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Heavy Metal Test - General Kit ("HMTG")

How and Why HMTG Works!
An Objective Scientific Detection Method

The new HMTG allows the detection of free heavy metal ions in bodily liquids like urine and saliva by means of a simple procedure and in just a few minutes. This exploratory procedure, employed as an in vitro diagnostic tool, is based on the dithizone reaction method which has been known to chemical science for more than 60 years. By the qualitative means of coloration, specific metal ions are detected in the urine and in the saliva.

As a reagent, dithizone is able to indicate the presence of heavy metal ions in qualitative and in quantitative terms. In binding with them, colored complexes are formed in the interior of the molecule which are soluble in nonpolar organic solvents. The coloration of these solutions is very intensive, its particular coloration determined by the atomic radius of the respective metal present in the complex. The reaction times of the heavy metal ions vary and depending on their respective concentrations, different colorations may occur from which one can, in addition to the qualitative conclusions, also semi-quantitative ones regarding the contaminant.

By administering the test as an exploratory measure, contaminations from amalgam fillings or from the environment ( cadmium, lead, zinc, mercury, copper, manganese, nickel and cobalt - pointing to infections, organ or system disorders) can be identified early on, so that the patient can undergo detoxification before any specific therapy is administered.

The HMTG can also be used to determine environmental sources of contamination in aqueous solutions such as tap water.

Since all heavy metal ions are water soluble, solids like food items, porcelain dishes, dust samples from carpets, wall paints and wall paper etc. can be tested for heavy metals by soaking them in distilled water beforehand.

In addition to being a diagnostic tool for urine and saliva, the test is also useful for finding the causes of contamination in the patient's environment.
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