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Cobalt Kit (Reg)
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Cobalt Kit (Sen)
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Number 27 on the "periodic table" of elements

Tests the presence of ions of Cobalt to a high degree of accuracy to detect contamination in the body and on a wide range of materials in your environment

Cobalt is a naturally occurring element found in rocks, soil, water, plants, and animals. There are non radioactive and radioactive forms of cobalt.

Non radioactive cobalt, referred to as stable cobalt, is used to produce alloys (mixtures of metals) used in the manufacture of aircraft engines, magnets, grinding and cutting tools, artificial hip and knee joints. Cobalt compounds are also used to color glass, ceramics and paints, and used as a drier for porcelein enamel and paints.

The two most commercially important radioactive cobalt isotopes are 60Co (read as cobalt sixty), and 57 Co. 60Co is used as a source of gamma rays for sterilizing medical equipment and consumer products, radiation therapy for treating cancer patients, for manufacturing plastics, and food irradiation. 57Co is used in medical and scientific research. It takes about 5.7 years for half of 60Co to give off its radiation and about 272 days for 57Co; this period of time is called the half-life.

Cobalt is beneficial for humans because it is part of vitamin B12.

Check out cobalt levels in your body with our easy to use, home-based, HMT Cobalt Test kit

Sample of a HMT Cobalt Test kit

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